24 Hours of Torture

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Whether you’re a little kid or a full-grown adult your first plane ride is pretty spectacular.  Looking out the tiny windows at the ground beneath you, thinking about how tiny everything looks.  After a while though. a plane’s just like a car that happens to be in the sky.  Twenty and a half hours. That’s how long we rode in planes to get to this city.  The flight to Chicago was fine: a short hour and a half where the flight attendants gave us a complimentary drink and a bag of peanuts at 10,000 feet. (Thank you Southwest). After that lovely ride, we took the “elevated subway” from the Chicago Midway airport to the O’Hare airport, that was still all fine and dandy.

Chicago, IL

Unfortunately for us our plane from Chicago to Taipei, Taiwan didn’t leave until 12:20 in the morning.  So we were forced to wait in deceptively, uncomfortable chairs for two hours, thinking about fighting people for outlets to charge our phones.  Also, it was midnight and we hadn’t eaten dinner, but all the restaurants in the airport were closed. Except for a charming little shop that served sandwiches in a box.  It wasn’t until after we bought the four sandwiches and two drinks, that we realized that it was a total of fifty dollars.  I felt like I had to eat every crumb or else I’d be wasting like twenty bucks.  Finally, it was our time to board. YAY!  Everyone was given a complimentary pillow, blanket, slippers, and headphones for the fifteen and a half hour ride to Taipei. I watched 3 and a half movies, and then I looked at my phone and it had only been 5 hours.  Sleeping on a plane is one of the more difficult things to do in life.  No position is a comfortable position, and after an hour, I debated stealing someone’s weird neck pillow.  After fifteen hours of pure torture, we arrived in Taipei.

The thing about the Taipei airport is, well it’s an awesome airport!  There was a Hello Kitty Wonderland inside a gate!  If that’s not the greatest thing ever, I don’t know what is. After the fifteen and a half hour flight, the three and a half hour trip from Taipei to Bangkok was like cake, (which sounded really good after only eating airplane food for the past two days). Once we arrived in Bangkok, we preceded to wait in the world’s longest line for immigration.  One by one we had to step up to the little glass box, where a man in a surgical mask would examine our documents.  He was extremely intimidating.  Relief flooded all of our faces once we retrieved all our bags from the baggage claim.  In case you didn’t know, jetlag is one of the worst things in the world.  Bangkok is thirteen hours ahead from good old Cookeville, now that can mess you up big time.  We had to wait until eight o’ clock Bangkok time before we could go to sleep, so we decided to just look around.  I was running off four hours of sleep, a soggy chicken sandwich, and a dozen cups of apple juice for the past two days.  I basically felt like dying.  We saw a massive rabbit statue, a Thai man singing “Rhinestone Cowboy” and a Bob Dylan song, and a fitness dance thing in an alleyway. We ate the “best wings in America” which happen to be in Thailand (I mean seriously) all while exploring Bangkok.  The whole time I felt like passing out, that’s how strong jetlag is.

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    • Chrishicks5

      The kids were amazing. They handled as well as we did. It was difficult, but we all felt that EVA Air made it as good as it could have been. They are a great airline.

  1. David Sissom

    It sure sounds like an adventure. Glad you made it safe. I’ve been anxiously waiting for an update like a TV movie that shows on different nights. Lol.

    • Chrishicks5

      We have more to post, but the wifi in Bangkok was bad and I couldn’t upload video. Oh, and it has already been an adventure for sure.

  2. Grangoo

    Love your story Ella. I hope you have recovered from jet lag and enjoying your trip. Will continue to pray for your safety. Were the $50 sandwiches in the budget?

  3. Leslie Eldridge

    Great video! That definitely was one seriously long line! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more from your adventures!

  4. Donna Nash

    So glad everyone is safe though not very sound. Just need a few winks. Oh yeah! There is an inflatable neck pillow that would fit in your luggage very nicely.

    • Chrishicks5

      Alison actually had one of those. I slept decently on the plane surprisingly.

  5. Nissa

    So happy everything is going well. We loved the video. What an amazing adventure!!! So happy we get to follow along. We miss you all like crazy. David really has been waiting anxiously on a update and he wishes he was there. Lol

    • Chrishicks5

      Thanks Nissa! We’ve got more to come. Wifi is slowing me down for now.

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