Saying Goodbye

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This is the post no one wanted to write. So I decided to hold it till we had been gone longer than the kids have ever been before from home. Today we hit 3 weeks plus a day since we left the United States for our RTW adventure.

Leaving behind your loved ones for even a few weeks can be sad, so five months can be a little overwhelming and emotionally wrenching. I realize this sounds a little morbid, but it reminded me of the exercise of planning your last days if you knew you were dying. Who would you want to spend time with? What would you do? What would you eat? What would you make sure to take care of? For that reason, as sad as leaving could be, it was a little eye opening and precious too. Many of us don’t ever get to do this, unless we really are going away forever.

Leaving for an extended trip right after Christmas also worked out to be a blessing, since we had the opportunity to see so many people we love during the holidays. The well wishes, big hard hugs, and going away get togethers, we stored up in our hearts to sustain us on the difficult days that I knew would happen while we are away.

If you don’t have a “Core Group,” as we call them at our church, find one! They are invaluable. If you haven’t found “your people,” search them out without rest, because being prayed over before a journey by those who have walked through life with you is life giving. And, truly, I believe and hope our time away will fly by to those we left behind. Work, school, ballgames, recitals, homework, all seem to make months fly by like weeks I know when we are home.

So, to all those we love, Namaste, Gaan Líang Sòng, Shalom, Be With God.
Who Would You Spend Time With? What Would You Do? What Would You Eat? What Would You Make Sure To Take Care Of?

We saw our extended families at Christmas, caught up on life, ate special family meals together, sang and played music, laughed, and became more excited as we answered questions about our upcoming adventure.
Dinner with the Phillips to share the trip planning process and get a good dose of encouragement. Thank you for being so excited with us and your sweet gift.
The last months of work, working to settle my patients in with new providers or preparing for 6 months before their next visit. Thank you Innovative Family Care for always working with my crazy homeschool mom schedule!
Sleepovers with Ella’s girlfriends before we left.
We ate El Tap, Demos’, and Satco.
One last Sunday and Wednesday at church to say goodbye and we’ll be back!

Meeting Grangoo and Grandpa for Steak and Shake one last time for a while. Walden and Ella thank you for your gift and hope we might see you for a visit overseas!
My Celebrate Recovery Sisters, I will miss so much bringing the ministry live to the public with you in January, but you prepared me ever so well for the inevitable trials up ahead and filled my heart with support and encouragement. I will pray for you and the ministry daily! Thanks for our last Step Study Meeting and Sunday hugs.
Our Core Group and close church friends – we had a wonderful last meal and prayer time together, and spent the New Years weekend with the Browns and the Johnsons. You can’t beat playing Mafia to all hours, discussing everything from religion to raising children, eating great food, playing hide-go-seek, praying together, all surrounded by a gorgeous view of Center Hill Lake. Thank you, dear friends.

Teenside praying over Walden and Ella and singing Ella an early Happy Birthday!
One last Sunday after church lunch for a while at Firehouse Subs with friends.
Bowling with Teenside and Club 56 friends, followed by last hugs and well wishes.

Spending snow days with Thomas, Kayeden, Tyler, and Austin filming videos and playing PS4.

Spending the weekend with Mom and Dad, catching up and planning.

Early birthday for my nephews and Ella since we will be away when they actually happen!
An evening on the couch just petting Molly, we will miss her so much.
Riding with Mom and Dad to the airport, sweet hugs and well wishes, gifts for the kids, and praying they do come visit us in Italy!

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  1. Susan

    Well, that made me smile and tear up all at the same time. Continued prayers for safe travels. Miss you and love you.

  2. Nissa

    Thank you for making me ugly cry this morning and smile as well. I miss you terribly. I love your description of saying goodbye to everyone. As we left the bowling alley the girls and were crying. All I could think was they are going on a trip. They will be back in a few months but it felt like we were leaving a funeral. I love that we get to follow along on your journey. You will come back enlightened and in turn do the same for all those around you.

    Love and miss you!

    • Chrishicks5

      Miss you guys too! I am so glad technology is better than when I first did long term travel and the kids can talk some. Love you and hope all is well!

  3. Taryn

    Praying for you guys! What an amazing journey you are on that will change you all forever. You will have so many memories stored!! Your family is amazing.

  4. Mike and Peggy

    what a beautiful tribute to family and friends. am loving your posts. praying for you daily. love you.

  5. Linda

    Thanks for a glimpse into your world. What a blessing of relationships you have. Now adding to them internationally. God’s provision is always abundant.

    • Chrishicks5

      Think of you guys all the time, especially each Tuesday night, praying for you all!

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