Relaxing at Railay Beach

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We took it easy for a few days at Railay Beach before we head to New Zealand.


Railay and the Krabi area of Thailand are known for the limestone bluffs which remind you a bit of Tennessee.

The beach and the rock formations make for a spectacular setting.

This is actually on the mainland, not an island. However the terrain is isolated by the bluffs and there are no cars in the area. Also, you have to take a long tail boat just to get there.

There are walking trails between East and West Railay Beaches. This is a corridor where in the afternoons we typically saw macaques. One day we had a strawberry shake and were admiring the monkeys when the biggest one I saw just walked down the trail and just kept approaching. Suddenly it just casually grabbed Alison’s shake and pulled on it, but she held him off. Another German lady had just thrown down all of their food when confronted. Another guy had a large stick! The monkeys are cute but there are dozens of them and they are all around the trail and flying through the air. It’s a bit disturbing. The big guy was fearless.



We had the most amazing pool. The pictures don’t do it justice, but we were surrounded by limestone bluffs and this infinity pool overlooking the Andaman Sea in the distance. Best pool I’ve ever seen!

The last day I wasn’t sleeping well, so I decided to catch the sunrise.

We recommend the Railay Family Restaurant for food. We had 3 excellent dinners there and it offers good value. The place has a nice family that runs it, with all ages pitching in. Shrimp cakes, onion rings, barbecued white snapper and chicken were great. I had green curry and tom yum both with squid. I’ve had so much delicious squid and I will miss that. I am a little sad that one section of our trip, SE Asia, is complete, but there is so much to come! We’re off to New Zealand next!

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  1. Gwynn

    That is one intriguing pier.
    Found any good coffee yet? probably tea instead…..
    Abi said “What is up with that ocean?” before we read that it was the pool.

  2. Laura

    What a beautiful place! I almost got sea sick in the video- I was rocking with you. 😉 But the sights were amazing. The walkway, sunrise, and the POOL… gorgeous!! I am glad you get to see this in person. Can’t wait to hear about New Zealand!!

  3. Catherine B.

    That was a pool!?!?!?! I thought it was an ocean :). I wish I could have kayaked with you guys! It looked really fun!! That was so pretty!!!!! Those rocks locked so cool hanging down like that!

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