Why looking fun and easy is not always a good reason to try something…

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We are getting a little desperate and concerned, so we decided to fess up to a really dumb decision we made almost 2 weeks ago and request your prayers. Please know we have learned our lesson well, and it will definitely make us more cautious the rest of our trip. We decided in Chiang Mai to try a day trip to the “sticky waterfalls” on scooters, as we understood most people recommended this option. Long story short, we got two, and Ella had to ride with me for weight reasons. Later, they told us the kind of automatic scooter we rented was known for being too wobbly at higher speeds, and since then we have heard of an insane amount of accidents in Thailand and heard of mummies walking everywhere with limps who made the same bad decision, but a little too late. Ella and I had a bad wreck after just over an hour of riding. But praise God, there was no one behind us and in true guardian angel form, Ella has one scratch on her elbow and a bruise on her shin. There is no way that happened without Godly intervention, so I want to raise Him up and thank Him. She said she thinks she landed on me, of for which I will be forever grateful. Chris and I were totally ashamed we put her at risk. It was just one of those things, looked easy and everyone was riding one, but she said she will never step foot on another or motorcycle for that matter.

The Thai people were great, the ambulance came and helped us, and a sweet taxi driver took us home for free so Chris could get the scooters situated. We were out only about $150 to repair the bike, and the ER was amazing and the fee was only $70! They had me x-rayed, wound dressed and cleaned, and a consult with an orthopedic surgeon in 2.5 hours. They have a ton of staff at the private hospital so this helps, and they were incredibly kind. The only guy I wanted to punch was the one who jumped out of his car and started taking pictures of us and all the trauma, but he did at least call the ambulance. I didn’t break any bones or lose any teeth, but my right foot, leg, arm, chest, and face took a big hit with 2nd and 3rd degree road rash. The side of my face healed a little over a week later other than some skin discoloration and scar tissue, but the rest of me is still struggling approaching 2 weeks later. The kids and Chris were really upset at the time of the accident and have really helped me over the last 2 weeks since I have been pretty much worthless and in a lot of pain. Cleaning the wounds has been tortuous and I’m having trouble moving my joints just due to the pain still. The orthopedic surgeon at the ER told me it would likely take a full two weeks before I could move without pain, for infection to resolve, and for the wounds to close, but I am still really hurting, wounds are still open, and I have started 2nd round of antibiotics.

Friday will be 2 weeks.

We are becoming most concerned about upcoming hikes we have booked and can’t get out of in New Zealand without losing the hut fees and the year long imaginings of how awesome they will be. I realize that does not sound very bad considering we are alive and will heal other than some bad scarring, but I would hate for our stupid decision to ruin these opportunities. Chris and the kids have been able to stay busy at the Elephant Nature Park, and we were able to pull off kayaking today with manageable discomfort in Railay. Walking is still very slow though and I’m still not able to wear a shoe that is not a Thai slipper, and admittedly I have done a lot of crying in front of the kids. So, as dumb as we were, and how truly blessed we are to even be able to continue our journey, please pray for us. Perfect time to have a wound care specialist as a husband, but I’m struggling to stay smiling and hopeful and he is struggling with patience! So praises for God who no doubt protected Ella from much worse and prayers for quick healing with relief of pain and a good night’s sleep. We love you and thank you in advance!


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  1. Dawn Reaves

    The lengths some people will go to to get out of scooping elephant poop. 🙂 I am so sorry this happened, but relieved it wasn’t worse. Praying for pain relief, that you sleep well, for wisdom with your plans (which God already has figured out), and for healing. Love you guys!

  2. Nissa

    Question answered. Yes, how fortunate you are that Chris knows wounds. Praying for a quicker recovery. Lili told me something about crazy monkeys lol? We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you get home. Love you guys. ❤️

  3. Chrishicks5

    They tried to steal Ella and my drink from us, crazy aggressive monkeys, all the sudden not so cute and a little scary! Felt like we were in Jungle Book and they were about to force us to go with them, lol

  4. Leslie Satterfield

    Oh Alison you precious mummy! Thankful for God that it was not wors
    e. Prayers for your pain. I guess mem
    ories we make can be good or bad. How about no more bad!!! Miss you, love you! Love, Leslie

  5. Jodie belk

    Oh my and praise God! Prayers for a quick healing and for your pain to subside.

  6. Linda

    So sorry to hear this. Praying for quick physical healing, peace of mind, and patience with each other.

  7. Liz Lawrence

    Oh my! Thankful and hurting for you at the same time. We will be praying for you!

  8. Pamela Toline

    Oh bless you!! Praise the Lord you were not hurt worse! I’m praying for a quick recovery and for more adventures. I think of you often and you are all in my prayers. Stay safe. I love you guys.

  9. Patsy Goodwin Gentry

    Praying for pain relief and fast healing but not too fast. We want those wounds to heal from the bottom up.

  10. Carol

    Oh, my. Byron and I hate to hear about your misfortune, but we give thanks to God that you will heal and that all was no worse. Blessings to y’all for the remainder of your trip.

  11. Gwynn

    Oh, my goodness! So glad you are as ok as you are and will pray for quick healing as well! We were reading your comments and Abi was absolutely sure that you said the monkeys tried to steal Ella!
    Eli likes your shoes!
    From Chuck: Did you adopt a dingo at the elephant park? (the dog in the golf cart pic)

  12. Paula Harris

    Oh my! So sorry about your accident yet so thankful that your injuries were not worse! Will pray for your pain relief and speedy recovery! Miss you all!

  13. Stephanie Nolan

    We are praying for you to have healthy, rewarding, fun, and life-changing adventure free of pain and injury.

  14. Marcia R

    Oh Alison! That beautiful smile on your face with your body all wrapped up in bandages is just priceless! So you! I love you and praise God that you guys were spared any worse injury. I know you will make the best of your time while you’re healing. Have you thought about maybe just taking a week at the beach???

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