Thank You for Prayers!

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Thank you so much for all the thoughts and prayers! I praise God He led me to a such a family of loved ones. I am healing well, wounds almost closed, no more infection, and was able to make our first big spectacular hike with the family in New Zealand. God provided a shortcut for me the first day that we hadn’t known about at first, which gave me one more day to heal before the big trek over the Tongariro Northern Crossing. I am so grateful, sleeping so much better even without medication, and looking forward to the rest of our treks in New Zealand and Nepal. He has definitely brought about good from it, with Dad getting some good one on one time with the kids and making me slow down and lean on Him alone. I can’t thank you enough, prayer makes all the difference. Sending you all my love!

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  1. Leslie Eldridge

    Glad you are much better! Continued prayers for you and your trip! 😃

  2. Nissa

    So happy to hear you are better and can enjoy all of the hikes. New Zealand looks beautiful. Loved the pictures of the hobbit homes. I can not wait to hear all about your adventures. We love and miss you and will continue to pray for your trip. Have Walden and Ella grown? They look much taller, especially Walden. Lol

  3. Chrishicks5

    Thank you Nissa! We miss you all too. They have been eager to get to wifi in New Zealand when they can talk to friends, time difference is harder here it seems. We had our first day today of “I’m really tired of just being with you guys and would like some space!” so luckily our Airbnb let us spread out a little and eat at home 🙂 Chris is getting to cook and loves that, Walden is watching NBA on his phone and Ella is checking out “Kiwi Family Feud” on tv, which she says is really different than ours. And yes, we saw a pic the other day where Ella was taller than me, but I still think I was standing in a hole, lol! Love you, tell the kids and David we love them too!

  4. Geni

    So very thankful that you are feeling so much better! If you get a chance to check out some of the Maori art, I enjoyed it. Hugs to all!

  5. Dawn Reaves

    So glad to hear that you are able to make the hike! I told Susan that I would have used this as an excuse to look for the nearest Comfort Inn and a good book. We decided that is why you are on this trip and I am not. Love you!

  6. Gwynn

    Oh Alison, my heart is so happy to hear this! Hope all continues to go well and you see all the beautiful things you are hoping for!

    • Chrishicks5

      Thank you so much, Gwynn! Catch me up on how you guys are doing when you can, still praying!

  7. Lori P.

    So so happy you got to fulfill one of your Pillars! We love you and the kids still pray for you nightly.

  8. Todd

    Glad you are doing better. We are sending prayers your way!!!

    Be SAFE! Love ya’ll!

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