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Everyone needs rest. Resting is an essential part of every day life. Even our heavenly Father decided to take a break on the last day of His creation. Not to mention, rest was an important part, to me and the rest of my family, when deciding what to do on our ever eventful trip.
For the past four days, we have taken a break from our busy schedule in a very nice airBNB in the small town of Manapouri. Our house was called the Retro Retreat, because every piece of furniture looked like it belonged in your great grandma’s house. But days like the past four are very necessary for a trip that’s as long as ours. If you are following our blog, it may appear that we are going nonstop from one adventure to another, but you have to slow down off and on. After two weeks or so, our family can get cranky with each other and tired. We were especially exhausted lately from all the crazy hikes in New Zealand. That’s why during our trip we have staggered a couple days of relaxation every few weeks This gives us time if we want to be alone in our rooms, not have to pack everyday, and makes us all less irritable. But sadly, rest days also bring hours it seems like of schoolwork for me and Ella. This can cause several arguments, but Ella and I are growing to appreciate the school. We can’t go 5 months without math after all!
Rest days also bring much needed communication with our friends and family. The spot must have good wifi. You don’t understand how much you rely on wifi until you’re without it almost every day. Time like this give us chances to relax, watch some Netflix, plan for our trip, and make some calls back home. This can also help us become less angry with one another. A call back home to your best friend can make all the difference in your mood. You can be angry that your parents are forcing you to do yet another hike, but then you have an hour long conversation back home with a friend and suddenly a hike doesn’t seem so bad.
Thats why rest days are so crucial to me and to the rest of my family. It gives us time to relax and to catch up with what’s going on back home. And of course watching some tv can always make you feel better. – Walden

Mom and Dad chilling on the porch!

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  1. Lori P.

    So glad you are able to catch up with Tennessee now and again! Rest days are good for the soul. Enjoy!

  2. David Sissom

    Good post. Laryn and lili sure like talking to you guys. I’m sure you miss home. We will see you soon. Just remember you are getting to see places not many people get to. #adentureofalifetime.

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