Happy 13th Birthday Ella!!

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This young lady is officially a teenager today! Thirteen years old arrived way too quickly, as I knew it would. I can still see her vividly jumping around in the mud puddles in Olympic National Park and playing wave attack with those contagious giggles in La Push, Washington.

La Push, WA
Olympic National Park













I miss her adorable little underbite that the braces are turning quickly into a beautiful woman’s smile.

I adore her even more every day and am so proud to call her my daughter. She has a fierce heart for justice and the quickest wit of any kid I’ve met. Chris, Walden, and I always say life is just too boring and quiet when she is away. Her antics always keep us laughing.

Her trapdoor memory can spout off several seasons of Studio C at will, if we are without entertainment for a spell! Oh, and never forget, she is ferociously loyal to her brother, even though she likes to punch him occasionally.

She has so impressed me on this Around the World adventure with her strong tolerance for discomfort and ability to handle adversity with the best of them.

She is compassionate when it is important, always sticking up for the underdog.

Her healthy sense of competition and accomplishment pushes her up mountains and powers her through trails, definitely no longer needing mom to help her muster up the strength.

Who knows, she may be the one to hike the Appalachian Trail with her Daddy. I think she would be up for it anytime.

I am impressed with her artistic eye and technological savvy, and can only imagine what she might accomplish in the future for God’s kingdom. I already find myself deferring to her when it comes to these things.

She loves to create and can spend hours at the piano, sight reading just about anything if needed. I shake my head when people talk about having to make their kids practice their instrument; we have to make Ella stop. She loves to film little movies with friends and families – starting with American’s Funniest Home Videos when she much younger to more advanced shots now. I am begging Chris to make us a best of video from all her different clips.

Sometimes I imagine her filming for World Vision or International Justice Mission, making sure the world is not ignorant of those who need Christ’s people to intervene on their behalf. But then, I also think she must have opportunity to make people laugh as well!

Lord, help me be the Mom she needs and train her to grow ever more in Your likeness. Guard her heart and her mind; protect her soul, mind, and physical body from those who would try to harm them. May she have a long life in Your service.

Thank you dear friends for all for your help in celebrating her birthday overseas! She was so surprised and a little emotional for Ella 🙂 Your thoughts for her were so kind and we are so blessed to have you in our life! Wish so much we could beam you here to be with us for at least a few days!


I ask you to lift her up in prayer today and send you all of our love from the other side of the world!

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  1. Grangoo

    We love you Ella & are so proud to call you our granddaughter. Love, Grandpa & Grangoo

  2. Susan

    Happy Happy Birthday Ella!! We think you are one pretty amazing 13 year old. Sure wished we could celebrate with you. Miss you and love you bunches, Your Johnson Family

  3. Laura

    Happy Birthday dearest Ella! We have basically celebrated your birthday in our hearts for 2 days- yea!! 🙂 I love, love your birthday wall and all of your cards. I hope you feel our love and well wishes from thousands of miles away. The pictures that were posted of you were beautiful- I thank God we have been watch you grow. I will stop before I get too sappy!! lol So here’s a side hug and a fist bump and one last “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” Love you- Laura and the rest of the Brown fam!

  4. Catherine B.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA!!!! I am so blessed to have a friend like you. I love and miss you sooooo much!!

  5. Nissa

    Happy Birthday sweet Ella! How are you 13? The girls miss you so much. You are definitely the cheese to Lili’s macaroni! Lol. I’m not sure how you will ever top this birthday. These pictures are so good. They made me shed a few tears. After two months you would think I wouldn’t cry over your posts. I am so thankful God placed your family in our life. To say we miss you is the understatement of the year. Love you all! Praying for you always❤️

    • Nissa

      I had to do a double take on that picture of Ella with the red bandanna in front of the sign. She looks just like you Alison! You both are so beautiful inside and out.

      • Chrishicks5

        We love you Nissa and your whole family, thank you for the birthday wishes, she is definitely missing the girls, and I you!

  6. Gwynn

    Happy birthday, Ella! So, for your next birthday, your gonna have to try space travel…. not much else beats this! Praying blessings for you, sweetheart!

    • Chrishicks5

      Lol, Except we learned today at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney that would be the worst thing we could do for the environment, lol, Thank you Gwynn!

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