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I can’t tell you how many times we figured the cost of adding a stop in Australia on our way from New Zealand to India, but finally we found a way that didn’t add too much cost. We were thrilled to at least catch a glimpse of Australia and the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. We really mostly relaxed at an excellent airbnb, lazily enjoyed Powerhouse Museum, devoured our first donuts, caught a movie at the cinema, and rode the ferry. We knew our upcoming whirlwind India experience was going to take all the energy we could save up! Catch the anecdote from Ella at the end!





Just to get things straight before you read on, I love this trip. It’s not like I’m suffering or anything, but we mainly post about the amazing things we do. News flash, sometimes people on the internet/social media “forget to mention” certain things. My family, in general, has never really taken a vacation, we go on trips. We have a limited time to see all the things we want to see, so we rarely take a break. We see EVERYTHING. Before we left on this trip, we all decided we were going to have certain days on this five month adventure where we relaxed, binge-watched a Netflix series, and generally did nothing. Now we’re almost two months in, and we’ve discovered, if we don’t have one of those days, we start to get a little tense. We argue over little things and start to get kind of sick of each other. You can’t blame us. If you were with the same three people for two months straight, without anyone else to really talk to, well you might freak out too. I love my family, but we all have our flaws. I’m not going to point out every single one, cause that’s just plain rude, but we all know how to push the other’s buttons. Rest days are not only nice, but absolutely necessary to keep one of us from being murdered by another.
Moving on from that, some people crave the idea of adventure. My family sure does, but every now and then, we like something stable. I like to know what my bed’s going to look like that night, if we’re going to be able to brush our teeth with the water in the sink (I am sorry, but that was a problem in Thailand and Cambodia), and if the wifi (if there is any) is going to cooperate. I swear we have all been spoiled by fast internet. I almost threw my phone the other day cause a stupid message wouldn’t send. Speaking of texting and communication with good old America, it’s difficult and sometimes impossible. “What’s app” is the greatest thing to ever be downloaded onto my phone. I seriously recommend it if you’re ever out of the country. Keeping up with our friends is hard, but definitely feasible.
One more thing and I’ll be done, what demon possessed me to make me bring one pair of shoes? I am not usually the kind of person who cares about what they wear or anything, but I have worn these same bright blue hiking boots for almost two months! I’m considering burning them once we return.
Risks come in everything and in all shapes and sizes. You’re never going to have everything be perfect, whether it’s the time we thought we were being kidnapped by a sketchy Cambodian cab driver or the time we wore regular old hiking boots to hike in the two feet of snow (not smart let me tell ya). It’s all part of the crazy, and all part of the fun. – Ella

  1. Laura

    Yay for relaxing! Yay for donuts! Yay for Netflix movie binges! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed Sydney. Ella- in your defense, you didn’t have room to pack Chacos, hiking boots, and snow boots. Your backpack was a little tight!

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