The Struggles of Professional Camel Racing with New Video!

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The sunscreen had been painted on and the stylish desert scarves had been tied. We were ready to ride the camels.

I’m just gonna skip to the camel riding part, because that’s probably what you want to read about, so here we go. We jumped out of the jeep, and immediately were swept over to four camels and ordered to climb on them.

If you have ever climbed on a camel, you know it’s not easy. If you haven’t, I envy you. I have basically no arm muscle at all, so I just swung one leg over and hung there for a while. Of course, you get on them while they’re laying down, but they’re still surprisingly tall. I lacked the particular strength to pull myself up, so I just kind of held on for a while. After a minute or two of having one leg on the ground and the other in the air, I managed to pull myself up on the saddle.

Have you ever ridden a horse? It’s nice, pleasant, relaxing even. Have you ever ridden a camel? It’s the opposite. You might not want to know this, but holy crap it hurts your butt. I swear, if we had to ride it for longer than we did, we would’ve all fallen off. “Keep legs tight to camel” our camel driver said. Suddenly, the camel stands up, and I’m a good ten feet (maybe) off the ground. Then we just bumped around for a while, on the camel’s backs. After around three hours of riding the camel, we arrived at the sand dunes where we were sleeping. They had built a fence-like thing to protect us from the sand and wind. We sat down and had some masala chai tea. Our bottled water was practically a million degrees. Then this man comes by with this box of ice cold beer for 180 rupees each. In case you didn’t know, Walden and I are kids. We don’t drink beer, and even if we did, we probably wouldn’t like it. Everyone was sitting around talking, laughing, drinking cold beer, while Walden and I stared sadly at our hot tea. We hiked around the sand dunes, searching for the cardboard beer box so we could use it as a sand sled. But someone (not gonna name names) broke it. The old crap wad.

We ate a delicious meal of chapati, rice, dahl, curried vegetables, and rice pudding for dessert. For the record, I do not consider rice pudding a suitable dessert, but whatever. It was a really nice campsite, with good food, and camels just walking around everywhere.

The only real problem were the dung beetles. They were the size of my hand, and I think they knew I hated them. They know everything. I was sitting around the campfire and felt something strange on my leg, and Oh Joy, it was one of those stinkin’ beetles. Another thing, the beetles are persistent! They never give up, you hit them with sticks, water bottles, shoes, and they just keep coming… faster! I hate the stupid things. We slept on the ground on blankets, and of course there were dung beetles over there too. One crawled down my dad’s shirt in his sleep. Glad I wasn’t him.

On a nicer note, I slept surprisingly well, but it started raining in the middle of the night. Rain… in the desert. That’s like Tennessee weather, just plain weird.

We woke up and ate porridge, bananas, and drank more masala chai. I drank three cups of chai, then preceded to almost throw up, too much chai. If riding the camel the first day was hard, the second day was impossible, but we managed. At one point the camels started running. We just bounced up and down, until I thought I was going to fall off. One guy actually got launched off his camel. I was wishing I had seen that.

Now this might sound negative, but it’s not. It was actually really fun, but a little hard on ye old tailbone. That’s all I have to say about that… The End. – Ella


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  1. Laura

    Love it! All I can connect this to is how my rear hurt after riding down the Virigina Creeper. Pretty sure it is no where close to camel riding. ha ha

  2. Gwynn

    Nice socks Mr. Chris!

    This is great! I love all the colors. So those giant pillows on the saddles didn’t help?

    • Chrishicks5

      Thanks Eli! Ella got me those and they are called Happy Socks. I thought my green pants, pink polka dot socks, green hat, and plaid shirt with the elaborate camel rigging was quite dapper.

      Those things are blankets that they are rigging up and they don’t do too much actually.

  3. Angel Hollandswort

    I can’t wait to get in bed and read your adventures every night! Such wonderful memories being made! I love you guys and pray daily for protection, safety and that with every new adventure the love of Christ is spread! #livingvicariouslythroughyou ❤️️❤️️❤️️

    • Chrishicks5

      Thank you Angel, so glad you are following us and sharing our adventures! I am so grateful for our experiences here! Love you

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