You ever had the feeling that you wanted to go, still have the feeling that you wanted to stay …

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To commemorate passing the halfway mark of our trip, we decided to brainstorm things we love about travel and things we miss about home.

The rule was that we had to have an equal amount on both sides, and they had to be specific. We wanted to make it understood that first and foremost we miss friends and family immensely, and Molly! These are just a few simpler things.

Walden – I miss Playing 2K17 with Thomas, our own house, having more changes of clothes, French toast and syrup.
I really like observing and interacting with different cultures, observing other countries’ children and what they do for fun, feeling more confident that I could survive on my own in cities, and working with live animals closely.

Ella – I miss drink refills, playing piano, Mexican food, and a change of shoes.
I really enjoy meeting people from other countries that we are visiting or have already visited,
seeing things from home here that aren’t like the thing at home at all – like KFC chicken or Walmart (it was a tiny little shop in Pokhara!), feeling confident that you could do international travel on your own, seeing the cute little kids here who are always smiling it seems.

Chris – I miss Zaxby’s/chicken wings, playing guitar, and my work routine – just a little.
I really enjoy trying new local foods, broadening my comfort range, and experiencing how people around the world do things differently.

Alison – I miss dry bathrooms, drip-brewed coffee with frufru creamer, public places where smoking is not allowed, and hair dryers.
I really enjoy the simplicity of being able to carry my possessions on my back, reading or hearing the news from another country’s perspective, sharing adventure stories with people from around the world, and the norm being no makeup and hardly ever seeing a mirror.

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  1. Kit

    I have really enjoyed your posts and pictures! Thanks for allowing us to see the world from a totally different perspective! We are all looking forward to your return.

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