Wandering by the Adriatic

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We picked up our rental car today, so we had a few more options for the day’s adventures. We decided to visit Trsteno, which is a small village just 20 km north of Dubrovnik. We had heard about the Trsteno Arboretum there from the15th century. It is supposed to be the oldest monument of garden architecture in Croatia.

Ella and I adore wisteria and it’s everywhere here, absolutely gorgeous. Made me think of our dear friend, David Johnson, who has warned me wisteria can be an aggressive vine. So many homes in Dubrovnik have a pergola with wisteria growing and even along fences.

If you’ve heard of Game of Thrones, it is filmed primarily in Croatia and evidence of King’s Landing and its influence on the area is everywhere. GOT fans are very common and themed tours are advertised all around the Old Town. Trsteno was a popular location for filming, and this is an even greater draw for most people.

The medieval feel of Dubrovnik creates a perfect setting for the show, that multiple historians have said captures medieval reality more than you would think (good grief, glad I didn’t live then). Of course, that reality not including the dragons..

The kids were less than impressed with the arboretum, but it was a beautiful diversion for about an hour.

Quick go on the olive press.

We drove up Mount Srd and experienced the tremendous view of the Old Town from that incredible vantage point. But, the road was almost as sketchy as the jeep ride in Nepal though.

I actually broke down and scheduled a haircut and highlight this afternoon since they could work me in. Wow, that was an experience. We could only communicate in single words and pics, lol. I was a little scared, but it worked out great. I had decided I better go before Western Europe, since I doubted we could afford the prices there. I was glad I had the experience. They were very kind, but few easy smiles here. They seem just harsher in general compared to other places we’ve traveled; but when I consider their recent history, it’s no wonder.
The kids wanted to stay home that night, watch netflix, and eat frozen pizza. So, Chris and I enjoyed calamari, tuna steak, fish cakes, and, of course, a brownie with ice cream along with a perfect Croatian white wine by the Adriatic in an almost empty restaurant. We were able to walk there and back by the water, just right. No more food poisoning, no packs on your back, and being clean go a long way toward a great night.

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