Christmas 2016So basically we’re just a regular family of four.  I’m Ella (the one holding the globe in the picture).  Walden is my occasionally annoying brother, who tends to get on my last nerves without even trying. It’s a special gift I’m sure every older brother possesses. Alison is my mom. Chris (the awkward one to the right) is my dad.  I say we’re normal, but we’re really not.  Only if you consider people with the unwavering desire to travel the world normal.  If that’s what you think, then yeah, we’re real normal.  Otherwise, we’re kind of weird. Did I mention we homeschool? Well we do.  My mom doubles as my teacher.  That’s what really makes this whole crazy trip possible. That’s all I have to say. I don’t have a cute way to end this, get used to that when I write posts.         – Ella


“What’s the Deal” is a reminder of one of the many reasons we’re doing this trip: inside jokes, shared memories, and binding experiences from unforgettable trips together. As you might can read already, Ella is our witty, creative one; Dad our maven and political specialist; Mom our social justice guru; and Walden our animal and historical genius. We welcome your comments and questions!     -Alison

Please understand we also don’t claim any expertise. We realize anyone can post anything on the internet and please take our observations with a grain of salt. We want to learn and understand the cultures we are visiting and share our experiences. However, we are “tourists”  and our journey is really only touching on the tips of these countries’ rich cultural heritage. We hope you find it interesting, but we are fully aware that we have a Western lens and certain biases. As with anything time and experience would allow more accurate understanding. Thank you for reading! -Chris