A trip like this doesn’t happen unless a lot of things in life come together!

We want to thank the following people:

Alan and Debbie Jakes: My parents babysat Walden and Ella when they were little almost every other week for a night so Chris and I could keep dating, and it has kept our marriage alive and our conversations lively. My mom, especially, has always encouraged us to travel and step out of our comfort zone. She always just asks us if we are ready to be with Jesus if something goes wrong, and as long as we are, she trusts God with us and is confident we will all be together again. I worry about all they have on their plate while we are gone, and pray God keeps them healthy and whole.

Darryl and Evelyn Hicks: My children would probably have 3 outfits and 1 pair of shoes to live in if it wasn’t for their grandparents. Grangoo’s love language is gifts and she takes wonderful care of us. They have also helped us to travel to multiple places in the past. They worry about our travels a little, and say they must have read Chris the wrong books when he was little 🙂 We will pray they both stay healthy also while we are away.

Grandma Williams: She has been all over the world as a travel agent and occasionally takes all the family on a cruise together. She has helped introduce us to Hawaii, Alaska, and the Caribbean. She is an inspiration still traveling the world at almost 90!

The Brown and the Johnsons: Brad, Laura, Lincoln, Catherine, Coleman, David, Susan, Anna, Emma, and Will – we will miss them so much while we are away. They have walked with us every step of our little family’s journey for over 14 years. We see them usually several times a week and are used to sharing everything with them and asking them all kinds of life questions. We look forward to sharing it all with them along the way and even more when we get back home!

Matt and Lori Phillips: We are so grateful for their encouragement and interest in every aspect of our trip and our friendship that has grown as we watch them grow their own journey with their small children. We pray they get to do their own around the world adventure too in the future!

Innovative Family Care – Dr. Gentry and his staff have been amazingly adapting to my crazy part-time schedule. From when Amanda was sick and I needed to be with her to now when we are up and gone for 5 months, they have been supportive every step and have allowed me to continue doing the job I love when it is possible.

Middle Tennessee Surgical Specialists – The staff at the Advanced Wound Care Center may let Chris return to work when we come home. This would be a tremendous blessing to us and more than we could have expected.

Our Core Group: The Smiths, The Schlatters, The Sissoms, The Robersons, The Browns, The Johnsons, Natalie, thank you for your prayers and support

Dave Ramsey – some may laugh at this, but we were introduced to his debt free lifestyle in college before we married, and we would never have been able to this without Chris and I being on the same page about finances. We lived like no one else, so now we can live like no one else.

We are grateful to and will miss so many more, I will add as we get the opportunity